How can you get a good workout in 5 minutes?

Invented by Dr. Miller, POE's patented machine and method allow clients to safely perform Max Eccentric Loading. Eccentric Loading was first observed about 150 years ago (to learn more about Eccentric Loading, check out the FAQ, "What are Eccentrics?"). Since then, there have been dozens of studies testing the effectiveness of Eccentric Strength Training (see below for a few). The findings: "Eccentric Training is the most productive training method to increase muscular strength & size."

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Why POE?

It's a scientific fact that Maximal Eccentric Loading is the best strength training we can do. However, with typical gym equipment, safe eccentric training for every muscle in the body is impossible. That's where POE comes in. With Dr. Miller's patented machine and method, we're able to work every muscle in the body at a max eccentric and we do it safely. We've done around 40,000 training sessions to date without a single injury! POE gets you the best, full body workout of your life, you are 100% safe, and you are in and out in around 5 minutes.

Who is POE for?

Dr. Miller invented POE for himself; a 47-year-old guy trying to hold onto his youthful vigor. He made it for his wife, a middle-aged mother of 8 kids who did not have time to complete an hour-long workout. He made it for his two boys who had big baseball aspirations and needed a way to build muscle without risking injury. He made it for his parents who needed a safe way to keep their strength and muscle as they aged. POE is for anyone who is willing to work with intensity for 5 minutes at a time.

What results will I see from POE?

Increased strength
Increased range of motion
Increased metabolism
Increased energy
Less daily aches and pains
Increased Testosterone (men)
Increased Growth Hormone (men and women)
Better balance
Increased bone density
Greater mental clarity
Increased muscle
Increased tone
Less fat

How often do I need to POE?

We've seen good results with 2 sessions per week. however, most clients come in 3x per week.

What about cardio?

We've got ya covered! Our POExtreme workout combines Strength Training + HIT Cardio for a 15 minute, full body, complete workout.

What does POE stand for?

Power Of Eccentrics

What are 'Max Eccentrics'?

Simply put, it's the forced lengthening of a muscle. Let's go a little more in-depth. Muscles are made up of hundreds of thousands of muscle fibers. Each one of these fibers run the entire length of the muscle and they contain the actin and myosin filaments. These filaments, in a sense, "ratchet" together. This ratcheting of the actin and myosin filaments produces force. now, there are 3 different types of muscle contractions. Each one describes what is happening inside the muscle fibers. Isometric, Concentric, and Eccentric. First, Isometric Contractions. Isometric, "iso" meaning "to stay the same", is the contraction which results when the force generated by the muscle is equal to the outside force acting upon it. For example, imagine you went up to a brick wall and began pushing as hard as you could on it. Your muscles would be contracted, but there would be no movement because the strength of your muscles cannot overcome the weight of the wall. Next, Concentric Contractions. Concentric, "con" meaning "toward" and "centric" meaning "center", is the contraction which results when the force produced by the muscle overcomes the outside force. Anytime you pick something up, you're performing a concentric contraction. Lastly, Eccentric Contractions. Eccentric or excentric, "ex" meaning "away from" and "centric" meaning "center, is the contraction which results when the force produced by the muscle fiber is less than the force produced by the outside force acting upon it. For example, when you're doing bicep curls, when you lower the weight and it straightens your arm out, your muscle fibers are performing an eccentric contraction. Recall we said that Max Eccentrics are the forced lengthening of a muscle. Let's again think back to the bicep curl. Say you were to start at the top of the movement with your hand near your shoulder and someone were to hand you an extremely heavy weight. A weight so heavy, you couldn't even come close to handling it. The weight would force you down, no matter how hard you tried to stop it or lift it up. This is Max Eccentric loading and it is undoubtedly the most effective way to increase the strength and size of a muscle. However, with conventional weight training equipment, safely performing Max Eccentrics is an impossibility. That's where POE comes in. Dr. Miller's machine and method have cracked the code to performing max eccentrics in an extremely safe fashion.

What is a normal POE session like?

A client comes in and briefly chats with the trainer about which 4 exercises he would like to do that day. They then spend 5-6 minutes performing the movements. The workout is completed and the client is off to the rest of his day!

Do I need to warm up before a POE workout?

POE uses a different modality than the training you would do in the gym, so not all the same principles and practices will carry over. At POE, a warmup is not necessary.

How do I dress for POE?

We consistently have clients workout in business attire. So, really, anything! However, skirts and dresses will limit the number of exercises we can do.

Can I bring my kids?

Without a doubt! The kiddos can sit and cheer you on for the five-minute workout or just take a seat in the waiting room. But don't worry, our floorplan is very open, so you'll have no trouble keeping an eye on them while you train.